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We aim to provide charitable support to people in Africa who are striving to further their education. If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a laptop pick-up/shipping arrangements please reach out.



How do we donate to The Lord's Hands?

There are two ways to donate to The Lord’s Hands, direct donations and donating a laptop.

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How can I become involved with The Lord's Hands?

The Lord’s Hands is growing rapidly and we need your help. Please contact us to see how you can get involved.

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Can I apply for the laptop scholarship program if I am not a BYU-Pathway Worldwide student?

Unfortunately the program is currently only offered to current BYU-Pathway Worldwide students across Africa.

When Can I Apply?

Our Laptop Scholarship campaigns open periodically, and the specific dates are announced well in advance. Keep an eye on our official website and social media platforms for campaign announcements and updates. We aim to provide ample time for interested BYU-Pathway students in Africa to prepare and submit their applications.

How Do I Apply?

When a campaign is active, a dedicated link will be created on our website for submitting applications. Follow the provided link, and you’ll find detailed instructions on the application process. Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria, which includes being a BYU-Pathway student in Africa, having completed at least two semesters of Pathway and maintaining a GPA of at least 3.5.

Where do I find my GPA?

For precise GPA information, kindly contact BYU-Pathway support. They are equipped to provide accurate details and address any GPA-related inquiries.

Who is the appropriate person to recommend me?

Recommendations can be sourced from individuals of trust, such as Church Leaders or Pathway Missionaries, ensuring a credible and sincere endorsement.

I'm encountering an error message when submitting my application. How can I resolve this issue?

The encountered error may arise from attempting to directly upload a video sequence on our website. The resolution involves uploading the video on Google Drive, copying the link, and subsequently pasting it in the designated space on our website.

What is the process for resetting a forgotten password?

Initiate the password reset by selecting “I forgot my password.” A link for resetting will be promptly sent to your email address.

Can I reapply if I failed the past scholarship application?

Certainly, you are eligible to reapply in subsequent scholarship cycles.

If I previously received a computer scholarship, am I still eligible to apply?

Regrettably, individuals who have previously received a computer scholarship are not eligible for subsequent applications.

What should I include in my Community Service Plan?

In outlining your Community Service Plan, articulate the specific actions you intend to undertake to contribute positively to the community as a means of repaying the scholarship.

Are non-members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints eligible for the Laptop Scholarship?

Indeed, non-members who are enrolled as BYU-Pathway students are eligible to apply for the Laptop Scholarship.

Can I benefit from the scholarship if I am already at BYU-Idaho?

Yes, individuals at BYU-Idaho are eligible to apply, but it necessitates the provision of their BYU-Pathway ID.

Can I submit an essay that is more than a page long?

No, adherence to the stipulated guidelines is paramount. The essay should be condensed to a single page, adjusting font, and spacing accordingly.

Am I still eligible for the Laptop Scholarship if I finished my Pathway studies a while ago?

Yes, previous completion of Pathway studies does not preclude eligibility, provided that all specified selection criteria are met.

What should I do about the 413 error message?

In the event of encountering a 413 error message, persistent attempts are advised. If the issue persists, contacting our IT support services for further assistance is recommended.

Can I apply as a new student at BYU-Pathway?

Regrettably, fresh Pathway students are ineligible for application. They are encouraged to focus on their studies until the completion of at least two semesters.

How long does it take to receive a laptop if selected?

Upon receiving notification of selection from our committee, we endeavor to fulfill laptop distribution within a two-month timeframe. However, logistical factors may extend this period.

Does The Lord’s Hands NGO provide laptops to BYU Pathway students outside of Africa?

Our laptop provision is exclusive to BYU-Pathway students within Africa. However, eligible students outside the African continent are encouraged to apply, with potential laptop provision contingent upon adherence to our specified criteria.

Can I choose a specific brand and laptop specifications as a student?

As an organization, The Lord’s Hands NGO strives to award quality REFURBISHED laptops to its recipients. We do look at student’s majors and aspirations in our allocation decision-making process.