Disclaimer: The Lord's Hands Organization is not affiliated with BYU-Pathway Worldwide

Laptop Scholarship Program


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Thank you applying to receive a laptop for your upcoming BYU-Pathway Worldwide program.  The laptops are purchased by donors worldwide with the aim of making your education a success. All applications will be reviewed and we will send you a confirmation email after we receive your application. Please note that this scholarship is in no way affiliated with BYU-Pathway Worldwide.We are no longer accepting applications for this scholarship. Stay tuned for the next semester application window.

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Tips to prepare an outstanding application

  • Letter of Recommendation (Including contact Information)
  • Plan of Service to the community
    • Please upload a short essay, 150 words, or less, describing an act of service you would do for your community within six months in order to “pay back” if you are chosen to receive a computer. (doc, docx or PDF only)
  • Application Video
    • Please upload a 90-120 second video introducing yourself with a brief life story, background, skills, and passions. Explain why you need the computer, and how the computer will help you. (MP4 and MOV only)
  • Essay on the topic, “How Education is Changing My Life.”
    • Please upload a 700-word, or less, essay addressing the thesis, “How Education is Changing My Life.” (doc, docx or PDF only)


  • Stay under the 120 second time limit. EVERYTHING recorded beyond will be discounted.
  • We want to know you, your story, your need, and your why. Be specific.
  • Speak clearly. Project your voice. Tell your story with expression.
  • Look into the camera. Position your camera so that you are comfortable (seated or standing), and you can be seen from mid-chest to top of the head. Show your face clearly.
  • Carefully plan, organize, and rehearse your presentation.


  • We want to get to know you personally, through your educational journey.
    Focus on the topic. Stay within the word limit. Everything written beyond the 700-word limit will be discounted.

Learn More About The Lord's Hands

In this increasingly complex world, education is one of the most important investments in life. The educational mission for the Lord’s Hands is awarding computers to promote human potential to BYU-Pathway Worldwide students in Africa.


Although we are not affiliated with BYU-Pathway Worldwide, we value its low-cost, flexible, online approach to higher education in over 150 countries.


Income inequality prevents many African BYU-Pathway students from owning a computer, which is necessary to complete university-level courses and obtain their online degree. The Lord’s Hands addresses this problem by awarding computers to exceptional BYU-Pathway students through a competitive process.


Please donate! Help us buy more computers and change more lives!

Fall 2021 Ghana Recipients

Ghana Delivery Ceremony
DRC Lubumbashi Grant Recipients 2021
Kenya Nairobi Grant Recipients 2021