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Food Security

My family is in pursuit for healthy food and safe water to drink.

Fabien Celeste


Famine is one of the most common evils in our communities because of natural disasters, violent conflicts, unstable economic situations, and the lack of fundamentals in management and self-reliance principles. The goal is to support communities by training large groups or individuals on small projects in the processing, production, and conservation of food products.



Food for All Program

Based on local situations, we identify communities in the grip of hunger in rural areas and in urban areas. We enable them to become self-reliant by efficiently using the natural resources at their disposal. With our partners who are experts in the field, we provide basic training and production tools such as watering cans and seeds. Beneficiaries commit to contributing with non-monetary resources such as sharing land for gardening, helping others, and sharing knowledge of new agricultural techniques they learn from our program.


Impact of Poverty in the World and Statistics

  • Over a billion people live on $ 2.50 a day or less, including 280 million people in extreme poverty who live on less than $ 1.25 a day. (finca.org)
  • About 75 percent of the world's poor live in rural areas and depend on agriculture for their livelihoods. (worldbank.org)
  • In developing countries, the poor spend 60 to 80 percent of their income on food. Americans spend less than 10%.(finca.org)
  • More than 800 million people in the world do not have enough food to eat and 3 million children die of malnutrition every year. More than 750 million people do not have adequate access to drinking water. (who.int)
  • At least half the world lacks access to essential health services (who.int).


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