Disclaimer: The Lord's Hands Organization is not affiliated with BYU-Pathway Worldwide

Emergency Responses

We hope to be able to provide emergency support services in the future.


Natural disasters occur frequently in our communities, creating enormous damage. Humanitarian crises are complex, including violent conflict, migration, consequences of climate change, and the unexpected COVID-19 pandemic. Our mission is to provide assistance and relief to the victims.
Critical Emergency responses include:

  • Providing the basics such as soap, sanitizers, and masks.
  • Reinforce sanitation to minimize disease and infection.

As emergencies arise in our area of influence, they will be posted along with responses on our website and social media pages.
Depending on the type of disaster, we will work closely with vital competent organizations to relieve affected communities. In partnership with local institutions, we will identify and quantify needs to find the most effective approach to addressing the emergency. We mobilize volunteers, collect donations in kind and in cash.


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